Education, Training, Examinations and Assessments

We have divided this page into two sections:

Beginners - 'Starter' courses designed to get you into beekeeping. We thoroughly recommend taking one of these courses before starting with your first bees!

Existing Beekeepers - These courses are aimed at those already keeping bees, looking to further their knowledge or learn new skills.

Beginners Courses
  Chris Morris - Yalding February to April - A course designed for absolute beginners who have not kept bees before.
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  Not Local?

If you're not able to get to Yalding, courses are offered all around the county. For details of courses near you, take a look at the most relavent page below:
Kent Beekeepers Association (KBKA) - Beekeeping Courses
Sussex Beekeepers Association (SBKA) - The Divisions
London Beekeepers Association (LBKA)

Existing Beekeepers
  Kent Beekeepers Association

Regular courses are held by 'Beekeepers @ KSRC' - who now offer a range of courses, including practical sessions for beekeepers with at least one seasons' experience. They have practical sites in Canterbury and Coxheath - classroom courses are dotted around the county.

Details of courses being run in the near future are available here. That website will also allow you to book your place on the courses, and pay online.

  National Diploma in Beekeeping Short Courses

These two-day, intensive courses concentrate on relatively narrow aspects of the “beekeeping“ syllabus and, working in small groups, are intended for anyone who wants to get to the detail!

Led by NDB-qualified tutors in modern, carefully chosen locations, these courses offer a challenging environment in which useful discussion and real learning can take place.
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  British Beekeeping Association Examinations & Assessments

The starting point and entry requirement for all other examinations and assessments is the Basic Assessment in Beekeeping; this practical assessment tests the basic skills and knowledge of the craft.

Following this you can choose to take practical bee husbandry further by taking the General Husbandry Certificate and subsequently the Advanced Husbandry Certificate.
You can also further your knowledge of Bees and beekeeping by studying for the written module examinations.
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